Our Photography

At Howard and Co we believe that photos are everything! They are the “teaser” that draws the purchaser in and entices them to want to see more....therefore they are incredibly important. We don’t just rely on anyone to take photos of your property...this is your greatest asset, it is important to get the photos and the marketing perfect.

We work with Mike, and Phil Armitage from Open2view. Both Mike and Phil have years of experience in real estate photography. Lighting is used, the odd piece of furniture is moved and the photos are crisper, sharper and livelier. 

Buyers choose on average 5 homes to look at on a Sunday. It is our job to out-market any other home in the price range we are selling, to get the best chance of being in the top 5 of the purchasers “pick to see”. Because the photos are such an important tool for the advertising, we therefore only work with the best. No matter what sort of property it is we are selling, together with their experience we have always created the best photos for our clients.


We have been working with Mike as a photographer for many years. Mike has a full understanding of what we are looking for in house. He has proven to produce fabulous photos capturing all essential parts of a home and its surrounding area. Over the years Mike has taken photos for us that have been published in various real estate publications, local newspapers and the Dom Post. Mike is a true artist in twilight photography, and regularly does helicopter photography to catch the latest changes in the appearance of the Kapiti Coast.  


In Phil's words; "I have recently relocated from Windy Wellington to the Sunny Kapiti Coast, now residing in Otaki. I have over 12 years experience photographing Real Estate and have all the equipment to ensure a great photographic experience." Phil also uses his drone for those special impact shots.