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Discover the Charm of Paekakariki:

From hidden Gem to Sought After Kapiti Destination

Welcome to Paekakariki, a real estate gem nestled on the stunning Kapiti Coast. If you're considering selling your property, you'll be delighted to know that Paekakariki is not just a location; it's a lifestyle. Let's explore why Paekak, as it's known to us locals, is an excellent choice for vendors looking to showcase their properties and prospective buyers alike.


Why Paekakariki?

With its eclectic coastal charm and a limited amount of land available make Paekakariki properties for sale rare and popular among local and out-of-town buyers.


Serene Coastal Living

Paekakariki offers the perfect blend of tranquillity and coastal charm. Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of the ocean and enjoying breathtaking sea views. Vendors, this is your opportunity to present homes that capture the essence of coastal living, enticing potential buyers with the promise of a peaceful and picturesque lifestyle.


Community Spirit

One of Paekakariki's greatest strengths is its close-knit community. It’s that warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes this location stand out. Potential buyers aren't just investing in a property; they're becoming part of the Paekakariki community that values connection and a sense of belonging.


Family-Friendly Environment

For vendors with family homes to sell, Paekakariki boasts a family-friendly environment with an excellent community-minded and inclusive primary school, recreational facilities including tennis courts, a community hall, playground, skatepark and landscaped football field. 


What to Do in Paekakariki: 


Beachside Bliss

With sweeping sea views from almost every residential window,  potential buyers will relish the opportunity to embrace a beachside lifestyle. Whether you enjoy a leisurely walk along the shore or participate in water activities, Paekakariki's coastal allure is a crucial selling point.


Art and Culture

There is no mistaking the vibrant art and culture scene in Paekakariki from quirky local galleries, events, and community initiatives, including markets and fetes. Paekakariki especially appeals to those passionate about creativity and community engagement.


Easy Commute

With a reliable train network and the recently completed Transmission Gully expressway, commuters can get to and from work in no time, making Paekakariki an easily accessible beachfront haven for professionals and families alike.


As experts in the local real estate market, Howard & Co is committed to showcasing the unique charm of Paekakariki houses for sale. 

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