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 If you're considering selling your property, seize the opportunity to showcase the unique highlights of Paraparaumu, the unmistakable hub of the Kapiti Coast.


Why Paraparaumu & Paraparaumu Beach?


Coastal Elegance:

Paraparaumu and Paraparaumu Beach offer coastal elegance at its finest. Potential buyers are constantly drawn to the idea of residing in a place where natural beauty and urban conveniences coexist seamlessly. 


Education Excellence:

With excellent educational institutions in the area, including Paraparaumu College and Kena Kena Primary School, Paraparaumu is a popular choice for families with school-aged children. 


Shopping and Dining Delights:

Paraparaumu stands out with the renowned Coastlands Shopping Town, offering diverse shops and services. In addition, the area has excellent restaurants, creating a culinary scene that adds to the appeal of Paraparaumu living.


What to Do in Paraparaumu & Paraparaumu Beach:


Kapiti Island:

Living in Paraparaumu provides unparalleled access to this ecological gem, adding an exclusive and enchanting aspect to the lifestyle.


Beachside Bliss and Promenade Charm:

There is nothing quite like the beauty of Paraparaumu Beach and its stunning coastal promenade, especially at sunset on a warm summer evening. ‘Pram also offers arguably the best Fish ‘n Chips on the Kapiti Coast. 


Community Spirit:

Paraparaumu is known for its strong community spirit, from local events and markets to the friendly neighbourhood atmosphere. Potential buyers aren't just acquiring a property; they're joining a community that values connection and camaraderie. 

If you're ready to sell your home in Paraparaumu, partner with us to showcase your property in its best light. Alternatively, if you want to buy a property in Paraparaumu, Howard & Co are your local real estate professionals. Contact us today to discuss your needs.