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 Waikanae Beach: A Real Estate Haven on the Kapiti Coast


Welcome to Waikanae Beach, where convenience meets the charm of small-town living on the iconic Kapiti Coast. If you're considering selling your property, let us illuminate the unique attraction of Waikanae Beach, a town that seamlessly blends nature and community living.


Why Waikanae Beach?


Waikanae River Serenity:

Waikanae Beach is blessed with the tranquil presence of the Waikanae River, providing a scenic backdrop for residents. On any given day, the scenic river track hosts a bevy of walkers, cyclists, joggers and avid swimmers fresh from a revitalising dip.


Recreational Paradise:

For those craving recreational activities, Waikanae Beach offers the Waikanae Boat Club for water enthusiasts, or those looking for a local watering hole, as well as the Hemi Matenga Reserve for nature lovers. Waikanae also boasts a Rugby and Football Club, Tennis courts, a bustling Town Hall and the popular Waikanae Pool.


Beachfront Bliss:

Don't forget the stunning Waikanae Beach itself—a picturesque stretch of sandy shores where residents can unwind, play, and bask in the coastal beauty. The Beach Village encapsulates a relaxed atmosphere, making every day feel like a vacation.


What to Do in Waikanae Beach: 


Renowned Schools and Educational Excellence:

Waikanae Beach boasts renowned schools such as Waikanae School and Kapanui School, both long-standing and sought-after educational facilities. 


Culinary Delights:

Waikanae Beach offers a delightful culinary scene, with gems like Olde Beach Bakery, The Front Room, Long Beach Restaurant and many more.


Access to Wellington and Modern Convenience:


Easy Commute with Trains and Transmission Gully Expressway:

Highlight the easy access to Wellington with the convenience of trains and the nearby Transmission Gully Expressway. Waikanae Beach ensures a seamless connection to the city while preserving small-town living.


Community & Iconic Small-Town Living:

Waikanae Beach is an icon of the Kapiti Coast, offering understated elegance and the charm of small-town living. Vendors can emphasise the community spirit that defines Waikanae Beach, creating a vision of a lifestyle where neighbours become friends, and the town becomes an extended family.

As experts in the local Kapiti Coast real estate market, Howard & Co is dedicated to showcasing the unique charm of Waikanae Beach properties. Contact us today if you’re ready to sell your home in this coastal haven or looking to buy your forever home in Waikanae.